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Division Commissioner

Division Commissioner

Division Commissioner Ms. Anita C Meshram Born in Badaun, Uttar Pradesh a Journey from being a schoolgirl to IAS has been beautiful for Smt. Anita C Meshram Born in the year 1971, she joined Government services on 05/09/1996 as Under Trg. at Academy Mussoorie. The first post held by her. From then she started her journey and never looked back. She has given her 24 years for the country and served for it with entire dedication.

Currently, DR. Anita Mishra is posted to Meerut city as the Division  Commissioner. She has been doing great work for the security and safety of the citizens of the city and never pulled her back off. She is a fearless woman and inspiration for a lot of girls out there. She is an example of excellence and delicacy. It takes a lot of intelligence and power to hold a position like her in the male dominant society. She is a true example for everyone out there. We salute you and your work ma’am.

Division Commissioner

 NAME: Smt.Anita C. Meshram

HOME DIST: Badaun (UP)

DATE OF BIRTH: 08/12/1971

 Commissioner MEERUT

ADDRESS: Civil Line Saket MEERUT

PHONE NO: 0121-2641377 / 0121-2657539



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Division Commissioner

Division Commissioner